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February 27, 2009
Majority Of People Killed In Teen Crashes Are Passengers And Other Drivers -- Not Teen Drivers

The majority of people killed in teen driver crashes continue to be people other than teen drivers themselves, according to an updated analysis of 10 years of crash data by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.


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July 22, 2008
Nearly 50 AAA Michigan Executives Help Feed The Hungry

On Wednesday, July 23, nearly 50 members of AAA Michigan’s executive leadership team will assemble at Gleaners Community Food Bank of Southeastern Michigan to help package food and provide gardening and clean-up services.


February 13, 2007
Handling And Braking In Snow

Cold and snow can affect your car's handling and braking ability. Slow down, keep your distance and increase the chances you'll arrive at your destination safely.


October 11, 2005
How To 'Get Ready, Get Set, Go' On Ice And Snow

In an effort to help motorists get ready, get set and go during this year’s winter driving season, AAA has compiled the following useful tips:


September 22, 2005
Free Winter Car Care Checkup Could Help Save On Fuel Costs, Says AAA

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), passenger cars are living longer. Over the past three decades, increased durability has pushed the average age of a car from 5.6 years to 9. The longer a vehicle stays in use, however, the more likely its critical components – such as belts, hoses and batteries – will fail under the stress of winter driving conditions.


September 21, 2004
Diesel Engines Make The Grade In Winter

With the resurgence of high fuel prices, Americans are turning in ever-larger numbers to diesel-powered vehicles as a fuel-efficient alternative. Once regarded as noisy, smelly and difficult to start in the winter, diesel engines have come a long way.


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